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I am, happily, an amateur photographer. I don’t know what I am doing, and I do it about 100 times a week. I go out and shoot nearly everyday. I still have no idea what most of the settings on my cameras do, despite books, YouTube videos, and carrying flash card like cheat sheets around. I am slowly discovering, after about 5 years, what I like to photograph and where to point the camera.

Light and dark seems to come up in my photos a lot. I don’t consciously go out to shoot these types of photos. I just go out, start shooting, go home, and load them onto the PC and take a look.

Since I shoot most everyday, of the 10,000 or so photos I’ve taken most were shoot within 100 yards of my door. I do, on occasion visit historic sites and botanical gardens in New England and the Mid Atlantic states.

Many things inspire me to take photos: sunlight and shadows, colors and less colors, clouds, sunlight and branches, trees, flowers, birds, favorite photographers, and, very rarely, a planned photograph.

 I love the way sunlight filters through leaves and creates shadows. Click the images to enlarge.