The Witness of History


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The memories of a Polish survivor of Nazi atrocities in the final months of the war in Europe.

German atrocities in Poland during WW2

Towards the end of World War Two in Europe, Polish civilians suffered terribly at the hands of retreating German troops. But many never received any reparations for what they’d been through. Kevin Connolly has been speaking to one survivor who was a child in those final brutal days of the war in Europe.


Undated image of Nazi soldiers travelling by motorcycle and car stop to watch a Polish village burn to the ground. (Hulton-Deutsch Collection).

Top songs I have listened too in 2019: Raveena NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


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Raveena Aurora, also known as Raveena, is an American singer and songwriter. Her debut EP, Shanti, was released independently in 2017 after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Shanti explored themes of self-love and healing, and blended R&B, soul, and jazz music. Her first album, Lucid, was released independently in 2019 and distributed through Empire Distribution. She directed several of her own music videos where she displayed her Indian heritage and “rich interiority of women of color like herself”.

I have a 16,000 plus digital audio collection and I use Media Monkey to manage my files. One feature of Media Monkey is you can sort your collection based on the number of times played. This playlist is based on the top music and/or music video files I played/listened/streamed from my server in 2019. Complete Playlist HERE

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Therapy Dog Gets Honorary Degree


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From the Huffpost:

He’s got a Ph.D. in being a very good boy.

Well, technically it’s an honorary doctorate in veterinary medicine, but either way, Moose is a very accomplished dog.

The 8-year-old Labrador retriever has worked as a therapy dog at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center since 2014. Now, his years of service to students are being celebrated with an honorary degree from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, which is operated by Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland at College Park. Moose was granted the degree at a virtual commencement ceremony on Friday.

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Stock photo of a dog without a degree