I have been making paper for quite a few years both with therapy groups and for my own enjoyment. This particular batch was made up of 004recycled handouts that I cut and ripped up into roughly 1 x 1 inch pieces. 001

I next decided to soak the ripped paper in a bowl of water for a few hours to help loosen the fibers in the paper


Next011 I used my trusty little blender to chop up the paper and turn it into pulp. Instead of pouring the pulp into a tray of water and using a deckle to ‘fish’ the fibers on to a mold or frame I poured the pulp directly into a strainer, removed most of the water and than ‘sculpted’ the pulp around a cylinder form. The last photo is of some of the finished 1/2 cylinders and some brown craft paper that I also made that day using a regular deckle.