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Waldeen (von) Falkenstein American-born dancer and choreographer. Together with Anna Sokolow, Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin and Michel Descombey she belongs to the great precursors of modern Mexican dance.
WALDEEN (1913–1993) dreamed of the dance for most of her life, from early childhood to her death. The dance, like poetry, was always in her blood — the daring blood of the “Texas girl,” as she was called when she made her New York debut, who at fifteen left classical ballet in order to find her own voice, to speak freely with her body, hands and face. The blood of the young dancer who, at twenty-five, having already distinguished herself here and abroad, made Mexico City her home, inspired by the vitality of the arts in Mexico where she believed art and life were fused into one reality — and where the people loved her. She created dance for more than half a century. For more see:   http://www.uhmc.sunysb.edu/surgery/waldeen.html