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From Bellingcat:

The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a crowdsourced effort by Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) and the wider open source community to map, document and verify significant incidents during the conflict in Ukraine. Its aim is to provide reliable information for policymakers, journalists as well as justice and accountability bodies about the evolving situations both on-the-ground and online. Bellingcat and the Conflict Intelligence Team have also begun to contribute to the map in recent days. All content reviewed for this project has been collected and submitted to Mnemonic for preservation.

“At CIR we began mapping out verified incidents surrounding the build-up of Russian troops, and later the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, so that as many people as possible could have access to reliable, accurate information about what is going on and to boost the integrity of the information environment.”

“The map is publicly viewable on both desktop and mobile and, as of 24 February, has had almost 500,000 views. It had also logged more than 570 items to give an up to date, detailed view of what is happening in Ukraine. Click the link below form more.”


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