MANILA, Sept 14 — A group in Manila are using art therapy to help addicts overcome drug addictions and show Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that bloody retribution is not the only solution to drugs.

The Centre for Christian Recovery, a religious organisation which manages a small private rehabilitation facility west of Manila, has incorporated drawing into its daily sessions as a way for addicts to express their feelings.

“These drug dependents are not used to saying what they feel,” said Davis Dakis, the programme director.people

“They do not know how to express their emotions. So now, through art, they can express whatever they feel.”

The art sessions at the centre, which caters for 40 addicts, comes amid a bloody campaign against drugs since Duterte took office in June.

More than 2,500 people have been killed in the war on drugs, with about 900 deaths a result of police operations, police say.

Owie, a drug user undergoing rehabilitation, said he was afraid of going back on the streets despite his attempts at reformation.

“I hope our president will take a different action. I don’t want it to be like this. It’s as if he wants to just kill all of us addicts,” he said.

“There is still hope for us, it’s not too late to change.” — Reuters

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