The following is an edited excerpt from “Work in Progress,” an essay by Vytas Baskauskas in “Yoga & Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery + Loving Your Body” (ed. Klein and Guest-Jelley). In his complete essay, Baskauskas writes about his battle with low self-esteem and heroin addiction and how his yoga practice plays a key role in coming to a space of wholeness.

Heroin addiction was never my problem. It was only a symptom. Drugs gave me the tranquility and serenity that I could never find on my own. I’ve always wanted to be comfortable in my own skin but didn’t know how to get there. My deep-seated fears and insecurities seemed to always win out. Was I born insecure and afraid? Doubtful. I often try to examine, though, where my path went afoul.  MORE HERE