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About 75% of Psycho-educational groups I have facilitated over the decades have basicly been coping skills. This handout is for a self esteem group and usually generated engagement.

To begin I ask folks to fill out this handout and than we talk about it. Having a handout helps to facilitate interactions with clients, encouraging them to share …. which in ideal situations leads to a more open discussion, moving away from the handout but staying with the theme. If we have all shared and a new discussion does not evolve I ask the group what other questions should we ask …. and than we ask.

Positive Statements about you

1. I like myself because:

2. I’m an expert at:

3. I feel good about:

4. My friends would tell you I have a great:

5. My favorite place is:

6. I’m loved by:

7. People say I am a good:

8. I’ve been told I have: