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This handout is a quick way to start the conversation in groups. I have folks circle the 10 traits that they (think/feel) have. Than I ask them to put them in a numbered order (1 to 10), best to worst. One day someone suggested that they had way more negative traits so…. I started asking folks (after they shared the positive traits) to write their negative traits on the back and share.

Most of the people that I worked with for the last 10 years were men between 20 and 35. Most had started using intoxicants as teens with cannabis and moved onto oxie and later stronger opioids and/or fentanyl. Most had felony possession charges and/or were on probation.

I kept a lose record of what people chose as their top 3 positive traits: 1. Hardworking, 2. Reliable, 3. Strong. One last thing, I usually asked folks at the end of group would their loved ones and/or family (however they chose to define that) agree with their list of positive traits. Most said (hell) no.